house blend

  • 50% Ethiopian / 50% Columbian

  • We use it for our in house espresso and for retail / wholesale sales.


We like to look at Columbian as our base. It is what creates the more warm notes and then we blend it with the Ethiopian to create some citrus, fruity flavour. As you can see below though, both tend to finish with smooth, caramel, chocolatey, nutty flavours that most people enjoy in a well-rounded coffee. 



·     The House Blend is well balanced and can stand up to milk, but can be delicious black also (as you can reference with the tasting notes). 

·     Single origin means coffee beans that are sourced from one single location, rather than a mixture of many. 

·     Single origin coffee creates a bit of intrigue and character when drunk black (filter or espresso). The true origin shines through and the flavours are more easily identifiable. Typically, single origin is roasted slightly lighter than blend beans so to not roast away these flavours- though each origin and batch requires different treatment to bring out it’s ideal flavour. 


1kg House Blend (ordered in lots of 5kg-10kg)
 Regular Retail Price $40
Wholesale Price $35

1kg House Blend (ordered in lots of 10kg or more)
 Regular Retail Price $40
Wholesale Price $27

Decaf (any order amount)
 Regular Retail Price $40
Wholesale Price $35

Single origin (1kg or more)
 Regular Retail Price $40
Wholesale Price $35


 ·     We use a Diedrich IR-3 roaster that roasts loads of 2.5kg at a time. Such small batches allow for quality control and adaptability. 

·     By quality control we mean that each batch output is weighed and a percentage of weight loss is calculated- this percentage determines how dark or light the coffee has been roasted. We also check every batch for evenness- making sure that the bean is the same colour all the way through.

·     As we use the beans in our café for our own use, we are able to test this quality control daily and are able to adapt to suit our customers and ourselves. 

·     We are always open to roasting slightly different for the needs of different clients and this quality control provides for that. 

·     Our beans are delivered from Bennett’s Coffee & Tea Importersin Melbourne. They are a fantastic company to work with and offer such a large range of beans from all of the world. 

What we offer: 


  • A blend of beans roasted to your liking or the beans we use in house

  • Decaf and Single Origin options to keep things interesting

  • Weekly delivery around Bendigo region or paid postage 

  • Flexible ordering arrangements (amounts can be adjusted weekly)

  • Fully packaged biodegradable coffee bags or air valve bags with OGB logo (depending on business)

  • Complimentary coffee making class with Old Green Bean’s head barista- getting the most flavour out of OGB roasted beans (hours and staff members involved negotiable)

  • Ongoing day-to-day espresso machine maintenance support (ie. assistance in troubleshooting issues with machine and advice on weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance)

  • Negotiable payments (ie. weekly or monthly) and invoicing to your email address

  • Comparable and negotiable prices to competitors depending on order amounts

  • The opportunity to support and work alongside a small business in Central Victoria